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We love this place! My kids look forward to going to the dentist. Everyone in the office is so friendly! - Darci Wilson


We love Dr.Smith! He is so great with my kids, happily answers all my questions, and is very nice! He treats my children so well and always talks to them when we visit. Wouldn't go anywhere else! :) Carrie Wood


Alligator Pediatric Dentistry is amazing. My son has quite a bit of anxiety when it comes to dentists and doctors. We had already seen 2 other dentists before trying out this one. The service we received here was spectacular. They were patient with him and listened to him which greatly helped ease his anxiety. He had to have a follow up appointment for fillings and such. When I told him he had another dentist appointment, he asked if it was at "the alligator dentist." I told him it was and he said, "Oh, good. I like them." We are so happy to have found "the alligator dentist." They do a wonderful job and are great to work with. The staff and nurses are also great. I've recommended them to quite a few people already. - Amy Stafford


My kids have loved going there for 5+ years now. Very friendly staff and both docs are great too. Not too pushy with the kids that are stand off-ish. My kids have had one cavity and I was really nervous for it, but they were so great my kid didn't have any worries. We love going there! - Nicole Lewis


We have been bringing our children to the Alligator Pediatric Center starting when our oldest daughter was 3, (she is now almost 17) She had 16 cavities, she needed 4 crowns, pulpotomies, and root canals. Dr. Smith saw her through it without any traumatic feelings , and she still likes going to their office and now has a mouth full of healthy teeth. I now have 5 children that I take there and it is so funny they all say yeah, we are going to the dentist. I know as a kid I did not ever say Yeah, so to me that is wonderful. My son had an appointment on his birthday one year, and he was happy about it. I appreciate Dr. Smith and Marlowe and staff because they make a huge effort to comfort and care for themin a way that going to the dentist is actually an enjoyable experience for my kids and me. Their office is a good part of my children's childhood. I would highly recommend this office to all.- Annette Jagielski


My daughter has extreme dentist anxiety, so much that we have to go to the hospital for fillings. We went to another local pediatric dentist, who was not able to work with her through her anxiety. We decided to try Smith and Marlowe and have been so pleased. The amount of confidence, patience, and kindness shown to her in our first visit was exemplary. We had to go to the hospital for more dental work. This experience exceeded our past experience.I would definitely recommend both Drs., they know that children need special consideration sometimes and it isn't an inconvenience to them. Their office assistants were so great.- Kerri Smith


After our dental visit today my 9 year old daughter said "They are so nice in there!". I agree that Dr Smith and Dr Marlowe could not be more kind or supportive about my 4 children's dental care and they provide excellent dentistry. From providing sensitive care to my special needs son, or tending to a chipped tooth emergency, I cannot recommend them more. Their staff is excellent and their office is spotless clean. I have seen two other children's dentists in our area and these are by far the best! - B. Robinson


Dr. Smith and his staff are amazing! I have a very shy 3 year old girl and she actually loves going to the dentist now! I recently took my 1 year old in to see Dr. Smith as well and they made him feel so comfortable, he didn't fight the check up one bit. I love that the staff doesn't push the kids to do anything that they don't want to do. We also love that they put on a free movie at Paramount theater every year.- Mary Stayman


We absolutely love this office. I have been to many pediatric dentist offices and these guys are by far the best. My kids love it here. They have had many things done including cleanings, tooth extractions, cavities filled, and even a crown put on broken tooth. After each time I have asked my kids, did it hurt? They always say no! They don't even know what goes on when they are getting numb! If you are a Mom with dentist anxiety this is the office for you! They never make you feel bad or guilty that your kids need work done! They just get it done! I wish I could be a patient at Dr. Smith and Dr. Marlowe's office!- Danielle Noyes