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Pediatric Laser Dentistry

Many children are uneasy about visiting the dentist because of the unfamiliar environment and all of the poking and prodding. HAVE NO FEAR, PEDIATRIC LASER DENTISTRY IS HERE!

At Alligator Pediatric Dentistry our experienced staff will put your child at ease and our highly trained dental professionals will utilize this proven technique to make your child’s visit much more pleasant and enjoyable!

Although, laser dentistry may be a new concept for many, it is a well-established and minimally invasive way to SAFELY treat your child. In many cases, this type of treatment can help to reduce your child’s stress about visiting the dentist. Our experienced dentists use both soft-tissue and hard-tissue lasers at varying intensities to detect cavities, reshape gum tissue, and to address tooth sensitivity.

What other simple procedures can be done using this type of treatment?
  • Frenectomy; a procedure releasing muscle attachment to the tongue or lip. This procedure helps babies who cannot breastfeed and children who are tongue-tied, and in many cases can help to reduce speech impediments.
  • Routine and complex fillings
  • Treating gum inflammation and gum disease
  • Treating pain from canker sores and/or cold sores

Lasers are being safely used in most dental procedures, and very often they can eliminate the need for anesthesia or sutures. This technique can also decrease numbness, bleeding, and will reduce gum damage, which means your child will be able to recover much more quickly, and their activities will not be as limited during recovery.

We are excited to offer your child the option of pediatric laser dentistry! Our doctors and staff are confident your child’s visit will be easier and even more enjoyable. HAVE NO FEAR, PEDIATRIC LASER DENTISTRY IS HERE!